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Coast was written in 2003 at The Concord Consortium when we got tired of accepting computer support tickets on paper. Since it went live in September of 2003, we have continued to expand its functionalities. CoAST of today is divided into 6 parts

1> User end:

Users log into a portal and are able to enter computer support tickets. They can select which of their machines or devices is having the problem, and the urgency. After entering a ticket users can add actions to the ticket to answer questions we ask of them, or update us on the tickets status. Files can also be attached to tickets and actions.

2> Admin: Tickets

Users marked in the database as "tech_team" members first see a list of all open tickets, sorted by priority, then by ticket numer. Tech_team members can modify tickets, and add actions. tech_team members can mark an action as Private (so only other tech_team members can see it) or Public (so the end user can see it. If Email is enabled, every ticket entered and every action taken (unles checked no) send an EMail to the IT team and the end user.

3> Admin: Inventory

Users marked in the database as tech_team or inventory_user can see, add, and modify inventory. Search by Manufacturer, end user, or a number of other items. Edit inventory, and assign it to users to keep track of where it is.

4> Admin: Software

Users marked in the database as tech_team or inventory_user can see, add, and modify software. If you purchase 5 copies of WinZip, insert 5 records. When you install WinZip on a users computer, assign one license of WinZip to that users computer. (Software licenses are assinged to computers, not users, since it is installed on computers, not users)

5> Admin: Library

This was recently added to keep track of projectors and other items users borrow (and never return). You can create checkin and checkout check lists (for the admin), and when an item is checked in or out there is an optional field you can fill out if you notice the item is damaged or needs some work.


As of right now some operations require you to use an external database client (like mysql, or MySTRI, or phpmyadmin), most notably USER MANAGEMENT is not handled in CoAST (yet).

Copyright 2008, The Concord Consortium